The landing of June 6, 1944 on the beaches of Normandy was the largest amphibious and airborne operation of all time. A memorial visit to the D-day landing beaches reminds us that Freedom is not granted but always has to be defended.

Another side of this historically sad event is the impressive reconstructive work that was done right after, and which is truly oriented towards Modernism. Normandy is a right place to tackle this subject, Brittany too.
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Normandy D-Day landing beaches memorial visit

Staying in Normandy is the opportunity to remember and pay tribute to the Second World War soldiers.

Our guide will walk you to the main Normandy Memorial sites: Pointe du Hoc, the D-day landing beaches, the American Cemetery. Pointe du Hoc offers breathtaking views of Utah and Omaha beaches. This strategic position is the reason why the Germans established a major strategic camp there, the remains of which are still clearly visible today. Located on the coast, the 70-hectare site of the American cemetery overlooks Omaha Beach and brings together the graves of 9,387 fallen soldiers. The chapel, the memorial and the garden of the Missing complete this ensemble.

The visit can also integrate the Church of Saint-Mère l'Église, Caen Memorial; we will tailor-made this private tour for you. It is possible to have it by walk, e-bike ride or Jeep. 
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Le Havre, Post WW2 Modern Reconstruction

In Le Havre, live a fascinating immersion at the heart of WW2 reconstructive work done by the architect PERRET and his team.

A private visit of his shoowroom apartment, filled with vintage furnitures from the 50s, is the best way to understand the leap forward modernity that took place during the Thirty Glorious. The repellent appearance of these new rectilinear buildings was wiped off by the comfort that they were offering.
Reaching Saint-Joseph Church, the imposing 50,000 tons of concrete gives way to a magnificent interior: 13,000 stained-glass windows by Marguerite HURÉ diffuse a soft light on resolutely contemporary furniture.  Also worth seeing is Oscar NIEMEYER’S incredible volcano.

A unique architectural heritage to discover during a private visit with our expert guide.

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Post WW2 reconstruction, private guided tour

The end of the Second World War led to the reconstruction process of many French cities, especially in Normandy and Brittany. Depending on their assignments and choices, the architects in charge of this huge construction work had two options: rebuilt identically or create something new. In both cases, the reconstruction work induced a leap towards modernity by taking into account comfort and hygienist precepts.

We invite you to explore the fascination theme of the WW2 reconstruction, closely related to Modern architecture, during a private guided tour. Starting in Normandy, you will head to Brittany and explore Saint-Malo. Destroyed at 80%, its reconstruction work started the day after its liberation in August 1944. You will also discover Brest, at the foremost extremity of the European continent.

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