France is the country of Luxury and Art. During your stay in the Loire Valley, we invite you to discover a selection of wonderful workshops and artists.

Classic or contemporary style, working the wood or fabric, you will be delighted by these enchanting encounters and authentic exchanges.
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Authentic WORKSHOPS & KNOW-HOW Experiences with BREIZ BRIDGES

Our deep knowledge of the destination associated to our network of exceptional Ambassadors guarantee
authentic moments and experiences to discover the treasures of our Regions

marquetry workshop in france

Exceptional Marquetry

Marquetry was used to adorn wood objects since the start of Egyptian Antiquity. In the 16th century, the Italians rediscovered marquetry and embellished their furniture thanks to this delicate work on wood. The marquetry reached its apex in the 17th and 18th century, in particular with the Louis XIV and Louis XV styles. The Loire Valley castles abound with magnificent marquetry works.

We invite you to take part in the private visit of a confidential workshop where the artist and his team produces tailor-made, exceptional pieces of Art for international clients. During this privilege and friendly exchange, you will discover ancestral marquetry technics but also breakthrough new applications.

Note: For confidentiality reasons, we cannot show pictures of this workshop work. Please contact us to learn more about this experience and discover some unique creations.

private cabinet making workshop visit in france

Art cabinetmaking, The luxury of simplicity

For collectors and lovers of contemporary Art, we open the doors of another confidential workshop where several masterpieces of cabinet-making are born in silence.

During a private visit of the workshop and the showroom in the company of the talented Artist, discover his process of creation and magnificent achievements. During a conversation on wood species, Contemporary Art or Jazz, you will understand the complexity of his work, which nevertheless seems so simple and obvious.

Note: For privacy reasons, we are unable to show photos from this workshop. Contact us to find out more about this experience and discover unique creations.

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