It is in this region, and nowhere else, that you will be able to contemplate the wonderful impressionist paintings and live, for a moment, the emotions that inspired these artists.

In love with nature and modernity, the Impressionists have planted their easels in the forests and gardens, along the Seine and the Oise, along Normandy coast. These landscapes, mostly still intact, still bear the imprint of the greatest artists, their precursors and their heirs: Daubigny, Boudin, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Morisot, Pissarro, Caillebotte, Sisley, Van Gogh, Luce ...

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Étretat France with rock formations

Etretat under new perspectives

Unique ways to marvel at the splendor of a unique landscape in the world.

Romantic natural theatre opened on the Channel, Etretat has inspired the most famous artists. A few seconds on the spot is enough to understand why: the stunning verticality of the Alabaster Coast cliffs contrasts with the gentle roundness of the strike, and invites to imagination.

To get a new perspective over Etretat Cliffs, why not having a private flight over the magnificent coast or a private cruise? We could also organize a private guided walk with one of our passionate guides, over the Cliffs or within the Etretat Gardens, part of the prestigious "Jardins Remarquables" network.
Monet garden in Giverny

Claude Monet House & Garden in Giverny

An immersive way of understanding Monet’s inspiration.

Our expert guide will walk the traveler through the blooming garden that has been designed by Monet himself, applying his painting skills to gardening.

Crossing the famous Japanese bridge, stroll around the waterlily pond to observe the ever changing reflections on the water surface.

In the house, where Monet lived from 1883 until his death in 1926, discover the studio-sitting-room, Monet's and Alice's bedrooms, the yellow dining-room with its surprising collection of Japanese woodblocks and the kitchen decorated with blue tiles.
Private Normandy Tours

Honfleur, at the origins of Impressionism

The charming harbour and city of Honfleur has been the privileged destination of numerous painters throughout the 19th century.

These painters are considered as the pioneers of the Impressionist artistic current and have formed the "School of Honfleur" which most famous figure remains Mr Eugène BOUDIN, born in Honfleur. He is the one who initiated Claude MONET to outdoor painting

At the bend of a paved alley, discover the old walled city of the Enclos, the Greniers à Sel, the Lieutenancy, the magnificent wooden church of Saint Catherine and of course the famous Vieux Bassin.

Through a private guided walk, live a journey back in time from Viking invasions to Impressionist painters, from the Hundred Years War and the Great Maritime Epics.

Private guided tour Normandy

The Charming Flowery Coast Discovery

Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg, Houlgate, Honfleur: the Flowery coast brings together charming villages and seaside towns with an international reputation

To welcome the Parisian bourgeoisie that massively made this Normandy coast its privileged vacation spot during the 19th century to benefit from its renowned sea baths, large hotels, mansions, villas and chalets have flourished. Architects have been inspired by a large diversity of styles: Persian, Roman, Tudor, Louis XIII, Russian chalets, Flemish styles, Anglo-Norman villas, Art Nouveau...

A rich and unique architectural heritage to discover through a private road-trip, guided walk, a horse ride of horse-drawn carriage
 in one of the numerous seaside spots of the Flowery Coast.

art museum paris

Thematic private guided tour, Impressionism

We would be pleased to organize a tailor-made, private thematic itinerary, following the of the impressionists painters. From 3 days up to a week or more, discover a selection of places and museums that are deeply related to this Artistic current in Paris, Normandy and Brittany.

Selected museums and addresses in Paris, inescapable stopovers in Normandy: Claude MONET house & gardens in Giverny, HonfleurLe Havre where the Impressionist current was officially born in 1872 after MONET painting named "Impression, rising sun". The MUMA Museum, Etretat.

In Brittany, discover the culture and landscapes that have inspired Paul GAUGUIN and Claude MONET
: Le Pouldu, Pont-Aven where GAUGUIN created his painting school, Belle-île Island...

The artistic expertise of your personal guide will give you an original approach to this current as well as a deep understanding of its origins.

Most beautiful hotel in Normandy

La Ferme Saint-Siméon, charming 5* hotel

La Ferme Saint Simeon is a luxury 5-star hotel spa with a gastronomic restaurant ideally located in Honfleur on the coast of Normandy.

Cradle of the Impressionist movement, this magnificent seventeenth century inn used to host the rising artists who came to be pampered by Mère Toutain.

Following their example, treat yourself to a memorable stay in this unique hotel and catch the wonderful light on the Seine.


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