"Mor bihan" is the name of Southern Brittany, it literally means "small sea" in Brittany dialect.

Indeed, this bay which is part of the very select "Most beautiful bays on Earth" Club offers a peaceful inner sea where 40 islets are scattered.

Relax in the Southern Brittany diamond, a quiet landscape made of small islands, pines and palm trees that was once the shelter of the most famous Romantic and Impressionist painters.
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Authentic MORBIHAN GULF Experiences with BREIZ BRIDGES

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Vannes harbour, private historical & gourmet visit

Vannes city has multiple faces: yachting harbor, fortified place, medieval city…

Enjoy the sweet life walking on tree-lined quays and in cute streets with their half-timbered houses. Accompanied by our passionate guide, climb on the medieval fortifications, discover Saint-Pierre gothic Cathedral and the multicolor houses of the harbor.
private cruise in brittany france

Private luxury cruise in Southern Brittany

The inner Morbihan sea offers the perfect conditions to enjoy a very safe cruise: there are almost no waves and the continent is always visible.

Sailing with our professional Captain is a wonderful way to discover the numerous islets of the Gulf while relaxing with friends or family. Over the day, it is even possible to reach the most beautiful island: Belle ile.

We would be pleased to arrange a few hours or a day tour in a luxury yacht or catamaran for you.
claude monet brittany france

Belle ile, the most beautiful island

In southern Morbihan, fall in love with Belle-Ile, literally meaning Beautiful-Island.

From white sand beaches to spectacular cliffs, from colorful harbors to green countryside, this island offers a wide range of magnificent landscapes to enjoy.

The most beautiful sites of the island have been immortalized by the painter Claude MONET during the 19th century.

We would be pleased to organise a day trip to Belle Ile or a few days journey for you to relax with family, friends or as a couple. Indeed, staying in Belle-Ile is a chance to try one of the prestigious Brittany Marine Spa and gastronomic restaurant facing the sea.
carnac unesco site in brittany france

Carnac, The Enigma of a Lost Civilization

In Southern Brittany, discover the capital of the European prehistory and the stunning accomplishments of a thrilling and unknown civilization, built more than 4500 years ago.

Carnac, Locmariaquer, Gavrini are some of the most famous places to learn about this passionating part of our Past.

Our passionate guid will walk you through granit rock rows with mystic meaning, the highest menhir (sculpted granit block) in the world.

On a virgin island, enter a dolmen (prehistoric graves) and admire the esoteric signs of remote rituals.
marine spa in brittany france

Thalassotherapy, Marine SPA Experience

Nature immersion on a magnificent seaside, that is authentic luxury.

Brittany holds many magical places along the coast, offering unlimited sea view and peaceful environment. Staying there is a chance to live surrounded by the beauty of natural elements. Avoiding noise and people, it is the place to let it go, release the mind and restore energy.

Often located in such places, Thalassotherapy resorts offer aquatic journeys and body treatments to restore mind peace and body wellness thanks to seawater and seaweed benefits.

A must while staying in Brittany!

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