This protected area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and offers exceptional sceneries: salt marsh, mussel farming alignments, architectural piece of art reflecting on the bay.

Discover the history of the mythical Mont Saint Michel and its Abbey -which was built in the 10th century upon an archangel's orders- thanks to our exclusive experiences.
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Mont saint michel castle private visit

Mont St-Michel, Exclusive discovery

Mont St-Michel is a "once in a lifetime" place, and we will make sure that this moment will be memorable.

To fully enjoy the beauty of the place, our guide will take you through a private discovery of Mont St-Michel Abbey, out of public hours.

Discover the history of a very special Mount and its surroundings. Walking up to this Christianity major spiritual site is a true experience.

France mont saint michel vip

Mont St-Michel, Confidential

If you are looking forward to discovering the Mont through an exceptional experience or to celebrate a special event, please contact us.
mont saint michel salt marsh sheep

Mont-Saint Michel Salt Marsh Sheep Discovery

Mont Saint-Michel bay is the grazing area of the salt marsh sheeps.

They are famous all around the world for their premium meat which comes from the very special vegetation that grows in the salt marsh, where the sheeps graze.  This unique flora, associated to the special care that the sheeps benefit from, result in a very tasty and tender meat.

Mont St-Michel salt marsh sheep wool is also exported internationally.

Through a private visit with the sheep ownerwalk through Mont Saint-Michel bay and discover the specificities of this iconic animal.

private walk to Mont St-Michel

Mont St-Michel Bay Discovery

Mont St-Michel is a piece of art, which is why the way to reach this jewel is as important as visiting it. 

There are different ways of enjoying the view over this unique site while discovery the beauty of its bay flora and fauna, shared by Brittany and Normandy.

Why not taking a cruise in Mont Saint-Michel Bay traditional sailing boat? With not less than 8 sails, it is the most beautiful and powerful French boat, especially designed to sail in dangerous seas. 

We could also take you through a private guided walk through the Bay to the Mont, surrounded by the Nature and Silence. 


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