Brittany is known as a land of legends, where the border between real and imaginary is very thin.

Every stone, every lake, every castle, forest and moorlands has its own legend in Brittany. From the Celtic origins of the place to King Arthur legends, there is no age to be enchanted by these enigmatic stories.
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Discover Brittany Celtic Forest

At the heart of Celtic legends lies Huelgoat Forest, the "Fontainebleau of Brittany", which is mainly famous for the beauty and strangeness of its rocks.

Indeed, the overlays of huge rounded rocks placed in a chaotic way in the middle of nowhere have inspired many enchanted stories.

In Huelgoat also lies the "Silver river" where the forest fairies are supposed to live, another legend that you will learn from our passionate guide during a storytelling walk

With family or friends, there is no age for such an enchanting experience in a beautiful place which pines recalls middle mountain landscapes.
mont d'arrée hills brittany france

Highlands Mood, Armorik Natural Regional Park

At the heart of the Armorik Natural Regional Park, discover the Monts d'Arrée hills.

An impressive landscape, almost unreal, which is composed of barren, wild, warm-color plants and rocky peaks. The vegetation and very special lights of the place strongly and strangely recalls of the Scottish Highlands.

The 17th century St-Michel Chapel, located on top of an extraordinary rounded 380 meters high hill, offers an incredible 360-degree view. Out East lies the scary marsh of Yeun-Elez that is supposed to be, according to Brittany legends, the entrance to Hell.

An enigmatic and beautiful place to discover through a walk with our passionate guide.
discover king arthur legend in brittany forest france

On the path of King Arthur in Broceliande

The beautiful forest of Brocéliande is where the Legend of King Arthur is supposed to be originated from, between moorlands and lakes.

Invoking this place recalls the wonderful land of fairies, Merlin the Wizard and Lancelot the Knight.

It is a magical site to discover through beautiful story-telling walks with our passionate guide.

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