From southern sweetness to the western torn landscapes, re-energize yourself in somptuous, wild and protected sceneries in Finistere, which literally means "Ends of the Earth".
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Private flight over the Ends of the World

At the western extremity of the European continent stands the Pointe du Raz headland, a natural masterpiece which stark beauty was admired by Gustave Flaubert and Victor Hugo.

To appreciate the greatness of this landscape, enjoy a private helicopter flight and a unique view over fjords, estuaries, capes and lighthouses of the "Ends of the World".
gauguin in pont aven brittany france

Following the path of Paul GAUGUIN in Brittany

Authentic and wild, the western part of Brittany offers wide natural areas. With a unique and strong culture, surrounded by the sea and enjoying a special light, Brittany has turned into a paradise for artists, sweets and beauty lovers.

Our guide will take you on a tailor-made itinerary, following the path of Paul GAUGUIN. Walk through the alleys of the charming village of Pont Aven, where he created his painting school. Admire its water mills and footbridges stretching across the river. Discover the places that have inspired the Painter at the end of the 19th century, and visit some of the 60 art exhibitions and galeries. Indulge yourself by tasting local sweet pastries, now exported all over the world, in the famous Pont-Aven biscuit factory.

Your guide will also take you to Le Pouldu, beautiful seaside town where GAUGUIN stayed for a while. During a walk, discover the cultural and lighting specificities that have inspired the Painter.
luxury cruise in brittany france

Private Cruise to the Brittany Caribbeans

No, you are not in the Carribeans but in Brittany!

The Glenan archipelago offers a protected ecosystem and paradisiac landscapes.

Discover the ocean wonders and the beauty of the place during a private cruise on a luxury yacht or catamaran.

You might have the chance to bump into an harmless shark.
best tour to brittany france

One of the most beautiful beach on earth

Crozon Peninsula is a paradise on earth, at the east extremity of Brittany: turquoise sea, small creeks and charming villages.

It offers breathtaking landscapes, hence one of its beach has been listed among the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

From a sailing boat, discover the white sand beaches, cute creeks and the famous marine caves that have been digged and shapen by the sea at the bottom of the cliffs.

Gustave Flaubert described their singular beauty in 1847: "We were feeling dragged towards a pearly and strange kingdom, as in a magical corridor".
best tour to brittany france

Highlands Mood, Armorik Natural Regional Park

At the heart of the Armoric Natural Regional Park, discover the Monts d'Arrée hills.

An impressive landscape, almost unreal, which is composed of barren, wild, warm-color plants and rocky peaks. The vegetation and very special lights of the place strongly and strangely recalls of the Scottish Highlands.

The 17th century St-Michel Chapel, located on top of an extraordinary rounded 380 meters high hill, offers an incredible 360-degree view. Out East lies the scary marsh of Yeun-Elez that is supposed to be, according to Brittany legends, the entrance to Hell.

An enigmatic and beautiful place to discover through a walk with our passionate guide.


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