You may don't know it yet, but Brittany is the first French producer of seafood, meat and vegetables. Talking about French gastronomy, we can say that Brittany is a must.

Thanks to our network of passionate producers, Chef and gourmet addresses, discover national classics and local specialties through exclusive and authentic experiences.
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Our deep knowledge of the destination associated to our network of exceptional Ambassadors guarantee
authentic moments and experiences to discover the treasures of our Regions

Oyster Field Premium Tasting

Oyster parks visit and premium tasting

Cancale, charming harbor located in Mont St-Michel bay, is especially famous for its premium oysters that are being served on the world most prestigious tables. Indeed, Cancale oysters have become part of the UNESCO Worldwide Heritage in November 2019.

Let us take you to an immersive private visit in the oyster parks before enjoying a premium oyster tasting.

We can arrange such an oyster park exclusive experience in other parts of Brittany, South and West.
best crep france brittany

The Famous Galette

Galette, a salted crepe, is the most famous Brittany culinary specialty.

Its recipe has been created during the 12th century: a mix of eggs, water and buckwheat that was originally brought back from Asia.

Traditional or revisited, discover this gastronomic icon through a private galette and crepe cooking class or in one of our suggested restaurant.
private visit and tasting cider france

Premium cider and whisky, private visit & tasting

Brittany, cousin of Ireland and Scotland where the Celtic soul continues to live, offers an environment that is ideal for the ageing of whisky. The sea, the wind, the rain forge its character. Indeed, some Brittany whisky have won the World Whiskey Award.

Cider is a very popular apple-based sparkling light alcohol. Originally from Brittany and Normandy, it has become trendy all over the world. It is a must to taste while staying in the region.

Thanks to our network of passionate producers, discover the making process of these local spirits and taste some unique creations.
villa saint malo brittany france

Gastronomic Experiences in Incredible Places

A unique chance to experience high-end gastronomic experiences in exceptional places, closely related to local History and Culture.

We would be pleased to arrange cooking classe and/or gastronomic diners for small groups, contact us for more information ~
French cuisine cooking class & wine pairing

Cooking class, Brittany delicacies

France is the country of Epicureanism and gastronomy.

During your stay in Brittany, why not learning how to magnify Lobster or taste oysters in unique ways?

In a contemporary place and guided by our chef who magnifies local and seasonal products, take part in the conception and tasting of an authentic French recipe before a wine-paired tasting and diner.

We would be pleased to organize this Cooking Class for you, with a Gastronomic or Michelin Star Chef team.


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