Paris, the world capital of Fashion and Luxury, the heart of France History and Art. In this beautiful capital, we would be delighted to suggest some exclusive experiences around Haute couture, the greatest wines and spirits and the world of Art.

Having the desire to deliver authentic and exclusive experiences to our guests, BREIZ BRIDGES design experiences opening doors to: 

  • Behind the scene experiences with French Haute Couture Maisons to get a deep understand of their internationally renowned know-ho
  • Workshop private visits, to discover Artists' universe, exchange about their creations and be initiated to their Art
  • Confidential places, that are closely related to French wine & spirit culture and know-how
  • And much more....

These experiences constitute authentic moments of exchange and immersion in the universe of exceptional Artists, Maisons, and Brands. 

Below are introduced some of our Parisian experiences, we would be pleased to propose others based on your requirements.
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Destination Highlights

Discover PARIS wonders thanks to our exclusive experiences and addresses

Luxury fashion experience and tour in Paris


Exclusive Behind the Scene Experiences

Private artistic tour Paris


Art and French Know-how private experiences

French gastronomy tour


The Finest Gourmet & Wine Experiences


Our Exclusive Trips to PARIS

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