Well-being takes on multiple forms as it is specific to each ones: rest, nature, gastronomy, sport, seaside ... Whatever our ""well-being"" perception, a short break or long stay is the perfect occasion to retrieving it by escaping our daily life.
By living and discovering new experiences, we free our minds and recharge our batteries.
Having the desire to offer such opportunities to our guests, BREIZ BRIDGES has selected a few authentic and exclusive well-being experiences.

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Authentic WELL-BEING Experiences with BREIZ BRIDGES

Our deep knowledge of the destination associated to our network of exceptional Ambassadors guarantee
authentic moments and experiences to discover the treasures of our Regions

Private cruise in turquoise waters

Private cruise in turquoise waters

Let yourself be guided through along Brittany Emerald Coast on a private boat driven by its professional Captain and owner. 

Discover Saint-Malo fortifications and Dinard impressive British style villas from the sea.

During a short break in Cézembre uninhabited island, enjoy the silence and wild landscapes. Get the chance to watch dolphins playing around. Did you know that the largest European colony lives in Mont Saint-Michel bay?

The gourmet ones will be delighted to attend a very special private cruise during which they will enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast and local gastronomy, with a Chef on-board.
seaside holidays in brittany france

Disconnect in Brehat Flowery Island

Brehat is a very special island located on the Northern Brittany coast.

Though it is only 3.5km long and 1.5km length, it benefits from a unique microclimat which makes it possible to grow all kinds of flowers from over the world. A magnificent natural spectacle to admire from Spring.

Another specificity: there is no car on the island.

Brehat is the perfect place to go back in time, walk in peace and admire the charming little houses with their flowery gardens.
mont d'arrée hills brittany france

Highlands Mood, Armorik Natural Regional Park

At the heart of the Armorik Natural Regional Park, discover the Monts d'Arrée hills.

An impressive landscape, almost unreal, which is composed of barren, wild, warm-color plants and rocky peaks. The vegetation and very special lights of the place strongly and strangely recalls of the Scottish Highlands.

The 17th century St-Michel Chapel, located on top of an extraordinary rounded 380 meters high hill, offers an incredible 360-degree view. Out East lies the scary marsh of Yeun-Elez that is supposed to be, according to Brittany legends, the entrance to Hell.

An enigmatic and beautiful place to discover through a walk with our passionate guide.
claude monet brittany france

Belle ile, the most beautiful island

In southern Morbihan, fall in love with Belle-Ile, literally meaning Beautiful-Island.

From white sand beaches to spectacular cliffs, from colorful harbors to green countryside, this island offers a wide range of magnificent landscapes to enjoy.

The most beautiful sites of the island have been immortalized by the painter Claude MONET during the 19th century.

We would be pleased to organise a day trip to Belle Ile or a few days journey for you to relax with family, friends or as a couple. Indeed, staying in Belle-Ile is a chance to try one of the prestigious Brittany Marine Spa and gastronomic restaurant facing the sea.
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Thalassotherapy, Marine SPA Experience

Nature immersion on a magnificent seaside, that is authentic luxury.

Brittany holds many magical places along the coast, offering unlimited sea view and peaceful environment. Staying there is a chance to live surrounded by the beauty of natural elements. Avoiding noise and people, it is the place to let it go, release the mind and restore energy.

Often located in such places, Thalassotherapy resorts offer aquatic journeys and body treatments to restore mind peace and body wellness thanks to seawater and seaweed benefits.

A must while staying in Brittany!

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