France has a particularly rich historical and cultural heritage. This heritage is strongly connected to French regions' history.

Normandy will lead you in the footsteps of the artistic heritage of the19th century, of the Impressionist current and the Roaring Twenties to the sadly famous historical heritage of the Second World War. It will also offer you its Marvel, Mont Saint-Michel, and the charm of many medieval towns.

In Brittany you will discover wild nature, magnificent seaside sceneries, authentic gastronomy and the strong local culture.
Land of Legends on which the Celts built many places of worship, Brittany is the capital of European prehistory and offers remarkable megalithic sites. Independent until the 16th century, this region has many towns and fortified castles of the Middle Ages, a rich and authentic heritage.

The Loire Valley also offers an exceptional heritage. The story of the Royal Valley is closely linked to the history of France since it was the privilege destination of the Kings and the court of France for centuries. The castles and charming medieval towns are some of the major sites of the region. Loire Valley is also a gourmet destination, indeed it offers France longest wine route and truffle farms.
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Visit Saint-Malo

Private visit - Saint-Malo, on the Road of Spices

Built up on a peninsula during the 12th century, Saint Malo is especially famous for its magnificent fortifications surrounded by the sea.

Our professional guide will take you through a private walk in the narrow alleys of the fortified city while introducing the history of the famous Compagnie des Indes Malouines. Its shipowners made the fortune of the city in the 18th century, sending audacious Brittany sailors throughout the world to find and bring back coffee, tea and spices. 

Saint-Malo is also famous thanks to its Corsairs, these famous pirates were the only one to be able to protect the Coast from exterior attacks. Thus, they had the King authorization to keep their hoard. 

You will also discover Brittany gourmet specialties: the most famous spice collection by Rœllinger, the iconic salted butter by Bordier, a variation of buckwheat sweets and many other delicacies.

Private visit - Rennes, Capital of Brittany

Thanks to our passionate guide, you will discover the history of Brittany through its capital: Rennes.

Walk through the city fortifications that recall the multiple invasions that it has faced from the 3rd to the 16th centuries. Immerge yourself in the Middle-Ages atmosphere by walking through the small alleys surrounded by wooden houses. Feel the influence that the French kingdom has exerted on Brittany from its unification in 1532 while visiting monuments that have been designed by Versailles and Luxembourg Palace architects.

You will also discover a selection of gourmet address to taste the best of French and local gastronomy: delicatessen, marketplace, numbered chocolates, and much more...
Deauville France

Deauville, Private Guided Discovery

Inescapable stopover in Normandy, the internationally renowned seaside resort knows how to charm its visitors with class.

Discover the must-see places of this beautiful seaside city through a private guided visitthe famous Yves Saint Laurent Place, the harbour, the 653 meters of planks of the seaside promenade which offers an astonishing spectacle: an impressionistic backdrop where the sun's rays play with the clouds and the reflections of the water. Get the chance to enter the magnificent Strassburger Villa, usually closed to public.

Seize this opportunity to try a Calvados cocktail at the famous Le Normandy***** Hotel, some luxury shopping or play at Barrière Casino.

D day historian normandy private tours

Normandy D-Day landing beaches memorial visit

Staying in Normandy is the opportunity to remember and pay tribute to the Second World War soldiers.

Our guide will walk you to the main Normandy Memorial sites: Pointe du Hoc, the D-day landing beaches, the American Cemetery. Pointe du Hoc offers breathtaking views of Utah and Omaha beaches. This strategic position is the reason why the Germans established a major strategic camp there, the remains of which are still clearly visible today. Located on the coast, the 70-hectare site of the American cemetery overlooks Omaha Beach and brings together the graves of 9,387 fallen soldiers. The chapel, the memorial and the garden of the Missing complete this ensemble.

The visit can also integrate the Church of Saint-Mère l'Église, Caen Memorial; we will tailor-made this private tour for you. It is possible to have it by walk, e-bike ride or Jeep. 
Mont saint michel castle private visit

Mont St-Michel, Exclusive discovery

Mont St-Michel is a "once in a lifetime" place, and we will make sure that this moment will be memorable.

To fully enjoy the beauty of the place, our guide will take you through a private discovery of Mont St-Michel Abbey, out of public hours.

Discover the history of a very special Mount and its surroundings. Walking up to this Christianity major spiritual site is a true experience.

discover king arthur legend in brittany forest france

On the path of King Arthur in Broceliande

The beautiful forest of Brocéliande is where the Legend of King Arthur is supposed to be originated from, between moorlands and lakes.

Invoking this place recalls the wonderful land of fairies, Merlin the Wizard and Lancelot the Knight.

It is a magical site to discover through beautiful story-telling walks with our passionate guide.
private visit amboise castle loire valley france

Private discovery of Amboise Royal Castle

Amboise is the only Loire Valley castle where the French kings have actually been living from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

Numerous literary, artistic and historical figures were invited there, like Leonardo da Vinci who is buried at the château.

This Castle is the expression of French-style luxury and the testimony of the artistic transition that took place in Europe during the 16th century, from Gothic to Renaissance.

Let us take you to a private visit with access to secret places.
best tours to loire valley

Loire charming villages, guided discovery

In the heart of the Loire Valley, explore typical villages with authentic character: Saumur, Chinon, Loches, and many more to discover.

Nestled in these beautiful landscapes, these unique places are rocked by the Loire river and its tributaries.

Through a private guided walk with our passionate guide, discover the unique history of these villages while stopping by the most gourmet addresses.
carnac unesco site in brittany france

Carnac, The Enigma of a Lost Civilization

In Southern Brittany, discover the capital of the European prehistory and the stunning accomplishments of a thrilling and unknown civilization, built more than 4500 years ago.

Carnac, Locmariaquer, Gavrini are some of the most famous places to learn about this passionating part of our Past.

Our passionate guid will walk you through granit rock rows with mystic meaning, the highest menhir (sculpted granit block) in the world.

On a virgin island, enter a dolmen (prehistoric graves) and admire the esoteric signs of remote rituals.
Private stud farm visit Normandy

Private Stud Farm Experience

Normandy is internationally famous thanks to the Deauville American Movie Festival, but also for its equine breeding whether it is for race, sport or leisure purpose. Indeed, Normandy holds numerous studs, 2 of which being international.

Discover Normandy equine heritage guided by a professional from the horse racing world.

At the heart of the Normandy countryside, we open the doors to a Norman stud farm with authentic breeding
. You will be one of the rare people to have access to these private and very confidential places.

A privileged moment to discover the functioning of a stud farm for racing horses, with, as appropriate, the presentation of stallions or future champions of horse racing.
Fontevraud abbaye visit Loire Valley France

Fontevraud and its Royale Abbey

Fontevraud is a charming village built around its Abbaye. Walking through the alleys, discover numerous monuments and local know-how stores.

Fontevraud Royal Abbey is one of the largest surviving monastic cities from the Middle Ages. It was listed as an Historic Monument in 1840, and, as part of the Loire Valley, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Fontevraud rich history, closely related to the French and European history, is reflected by it unique scale (thirteen hectares of ancient buildings) and configuration

Through a private guided visit, a gastronomic lunch in the 1 Michelin star restaurant or by staying a night it the 4* hotel located in the Abbaye; Fontevraud is a place to discover. 

Private guided tour Normandy

The Charming Flowery Coast Discovery

Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg, Houlgate, Honfleur: the Flowery coast brings together charming villages and seaside towns with an international reputation

To welcome the Parisian bourgeoisie that massively made this Normandy coast its privileged vacation spot during the 19th century to benefit from its renowned sea baths, large hotels, mansions, villas and chalets have flourished. Architects have been inspired by a large diversity of styles: Persian, Roman, Tudor, Louis XIII, Russian chalets, Flemish styles, Anglo-Norman villas, Art Nouveau...

A rich and unique architectural heritage to discover through a private road-trip, guided walk, a horse ride of horse-drawn carriage
 in one of the numerous seaside spots of the Flowery Coast.

private guided visit le havre

Le Havre, Post WW2 Modern Reconstruction

In Le Havre, live a fascinating immersion at the heart of WW2 reconstructive work done by the architect PERRET and his team.

A private visit of his shoowroom apartment, filled with vintage furnitures from the 50s, is the best way to understand the leap forward modernity that took place during the Thirty Glorious. The repellent appearance of these new rectilinear buildings was wiped off by the comfort that they were offering.
Reaching Saint-Joseph Church, the imposing 50,000 tons of concrete gives way to a magnificent interior: 13,000 stained-glass windows by Marguerite HURÉ diffuse a soft light on resolutely contemporary furniture.  Also worth seeing is Oscar NIEMEYER’S incredible volcano.

A unique architectural heritage to discover during a private visit with our expert guide.

Attend a horse race in Deauville

Attend a mythical horse race in Deauville

The Deauville racecourse is an international hotspot for horse riding. If it’s been running in autumn and winter since 2003, it’s in August that the racecourse and its racing tradition reborn, inevitably.

Every summer in August, the racecourse opens its doors all month to host a high level program. The best horses are here, accompanied by the best jockeys, the best trainers, and of course their owners who are keen to attend the famous yearling sales near the racetrack.

It is also the unique opportunity to see thoroughbreds frolic by the sea on Deauville beach, in the early morning. Indeed, if the training center of Deauville welcomes horses throughout of the year, it overflows with champions during the summer.
modern architecture private tour in france

Post WW2 reconstruction, private guided tour

The end of the Second World War led to the reconstruction process of many French cities, especially in Normandy and Brittany. Depending on their assignments and choices, the architects in charge of this huge construction work had two options: rebuilt identically or create something new. In both cases, the reconstruction work induced a leap towards modernity by taking into account comfort and hygienist precepts.

We invite you to explore the fascination theme of the WW2 reconstruction, closely related to Modern architecture, during a private guided tour. Starting in Normandy, you will head to Brittany and explore Saint-Malo. Destroyed at 80%, its reconstruction work started the day after its liberation in August 1944. You will also discover Brest, at the foremost extremity of the European continent.

Contact us to create your tailor-made, private tour.


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