If the French gastronomy has become one of the most famous in the world, it is thanks to the successful association of producers' passion to Chefs' know-how.
Wine, cheese, baguette, macarons and oysters are some of the gourmet national icons that anyone must try while staying in France.

Having the desire to deliver authentic and exclusive experiences to our guests, BREIZ BRIDGES has created an extended network of talented and passionate gourmet Ambassadors. These privilege partnerships give exclusive access to private visit, premium products tasting, Michelin star cooking class and much more.

These experiences constitute an authentic moment of exchange and immersion in the universe of exceptional producers and Chefs. Of course, it is also a chance to taste the best of regional products through traditional and innovative recipes.

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Authentic GOURMET & WINE Experiences with BREIZ BRIDGES

Our deep knowledge of the destination associated to our network of exceptional Ambassadors guarantee
authentic moments and experiences to discover the treasures of our Regions

best place to visit in Brittany

Experience the French 2nd largest marketplace

It has already been four centuries that, every Saturday morning, the Rennais meet at the Place des Lices.
They walk, basket in hand, to meet some 300 producers of local and seasonal products: vegetables, meat, fish, flowers, cheese, and much more.

Located at the heart of the city, next to beautiful medieval villas, small restaurants and bars; this open-sky market is a must in Rennes. Discover it with our local gastronomic guide.

We would be pleased to organize a cooking class afterwards, to have you taste fresh groceries.
Tasting French cheese camembert Normandy

The one and only Camembert

Camembert may be the most famous French cheese worldwide, it is from Normandy.

Through a private visit of a Camembert farm with the producer, discover the last cheese factory producing camembert with the AOP label (Protected Designation of Origine). This label ensures that the product follows the authentic, original production process.

A unique chance to visit the cow breeding next door and observe the traditional camembert ladle casting method.

This private visit will, of course, end up by Camembert tasting paired with fresh local cider or apple-juice.
Private tasting calvados Normandy France

Normandy Premium Calvados

Normandy being a land of apples, it is the perfect place to taste fresh apple juice, premium cider and calvados. 

Let us take you to a traditional Normand castle producing Calvados for a private visit of the cellar.

You will have the opportunity to understand the making process of Calvados -the Cognac of the North- and enjoy a premium tasting of vintage Calvados.

Why not pursuing this exclusive moment with a Calvados Blending Workshop with the Cellar Master?
private discovery Mont St-Michel lambs

Mont-Saint Michel Salt Marsh Sheep Discovery

Mont Saint-Michel bay is the grazing area of the salt marsh sheeps.

They are famous all around the world for their premium meat which comes from the very special vegetation that grows in the salt marsh, where the sheeps graze.  This unique flora, associated to the special care that the sheeps benefit from, result in a very tasty and tender meat.

Mont St-Michel salt marsh sheep wool is also exported internationally.

Through a private visit with the sheep owner, walk through Mont Saint-Michel bay and discover the specificities of this iconic animal.
Oyster Field Premium Tasting

Oyster parks visit and premium tasting

Cancale, charming harbor located in Mont St-Michel bay, is especially famous for its premium oysters that are being served on the world most prestigious tables. Indeed, Cancale oysters have become part of the UNESCO Worldwide Heritage in November 2019.

Let us take you to an immersive private visit in the oyster parks before enjoying a premium oyster tasting.

We can arrange such an oyster park exclusive experience in other parts of Brittany, South and West.
best crep france brittany

The Famous Galette

Galette, a salted crepe, is the most famous Brittany culinary specialty.

Its recipe has been created during the 12th century: a mix of eggs, water and buckwheat that was originally brought back from Asia.

Traditional or revisited, discover this gastronomic icon through a private galette and crepe cooking class or in one of our suggested restaurant.
private visit and tasting cider france

Premium cider and whisky, private visit & tasting

Brittany, cousin of Ireland and Scotland where the Celtic soul continues to live, offers an environment that is ideal for the ageing of whisky. The sea, the wind, the rain forge its character. Indeed, some Brittany whisky have won the World Whiskey Award.

Cider is a very popular apple-based sparkling light alcohol. Originally from Brittany and Normandy, it has become trendy all over the world. It is a must to taste while staying in the region.

Thanks to our network of passionate producers, discover the making process of these local spirits and taste some unique creations.
best wine tour loire valley france

Loire Valley vineyard private visit & tasting

Loire Valley, worldwide renowned wine-growing terroir, earns the title of France’s longest wine route.

From Nantes to Sancerre, passing Anjou, Touraine, Cheverny and Pouilly, there are more than 7000 producers and 85 appellations. According to experts, top sommeliers and oenology critics, Loire wines represent the French wines’ new world.

Pouilly, Menetou Salon, Quincy, Saumur.... Let us take you through a private visit in the vineyards and cellar, before tasting the best wines of the region. Biodynamic wines, Grand Cru Classé, in a charming or a premium producing Estate, we will propose the right place based on your tastes. We would also be pleased to organize a private pique-nique, lunch or diner for you to taste the best of local gastronomy paired with great wines. 
private visit truffle farm france

The Truffle experience

Truffle farming has always existed in the Loire Valley, particularly in the Richelais basin.

Given the quality of its soil and its climate, the Indre & Loire is one of the French departments producing Tuber Melanosporum truffles.

Let us take you through an exclusive truffle experience with a truffle producer. You will discover the conditions required to grow truffles,  the truffle hunting techniques and, of course, get the chance to taste this luxury mushroom during an exclusive time.
villa saint malo brittany france

Gastronomic Experiences in Incredible Places

A unique chance to experience high-end gastronomic experiences in exceptional places, closely related to local History and Culture.

We would be pleased to arrange cooking classe and/or gastronomic diners for small groups, contact us for more information ~
Luxury wine and champagne tasting

Luxury Wine & Spirit Experience in Paris

The only place in the world where Amateurs can discover an exceptional collection of Haute Couture champagne, wines and spirits.

Rare Vintages and limited editions are some of the treasures that can be tasted in a confidential place in Paris. This exceptional moment can be followed by a private lunch or diner.

This experience is exclusive to Wine and spirits Amateurs/Collectors, please contact us.

French cuisine cooking class & wine pairing

Cooking class, Brittany delicacies

France is the country of Epicureanism and gastronomy.

During your stay in Brittany, why not learning how to magnify Lobster or taste oysters in unique ways?

In a contemporary place and guided by our chef who magnifies local and seasonal products, take part in the conception and tasting of an authentic French recipe before a wine-paired tasting and diner.

We would be pleased to organize this Cooking Class for you, with a Gastronomic or Michelin Star Chef team.
Private cooking class France

Cooking class, Normandy delicacies

France is the country of Epicureanism and gastronomy.

During your stay in Normandy, seize the opportunity to discover French gastronomic icons or local Normand recipes.  

In a contemporary place and guided by our chef who magnifies local and seasonal products, take part in the conception of 2 to 3 meals. Taste your creations through a lunch or diner paired with wines or local apple-based cider and spirits.

We would be pleased to organize this Cooking Class for you, with a Gastronomic or Michelin Star Chef team.

Private visit normandy mussel farm

Normandy Mussel parks Experience

With its strong tides and currents, the Normandy coast is especially suitable for mussel farming. One out of two French mussels is produced in Normandy, in particular on the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula.

During a guided and private immersion in the mussel parks, discover the flora and fauna of the bay of Mont St-Michel, the natural environment of Normandy bouchot mussels and oysters.

This exclusive visit will be followed by an oyster tasting accompanied by a glass of white wine.
private visit cider distillery

Cider, From Local Tradition to International Trend

Normandy and Brittany are the brith places of cider. These two regions are peppered by charming orchards, poetically blooming at Spring

Cider is part of the local culture. It was initially home-made and drank every day by most of the farmers and growers families. Indeed, cider was tasty, cheap and pretty light (2-6%).

Nowadays, cider is being produced by a multitude of professional distilleries throughout Normandy and Brittany. Some of have become Masters, they have magnified this traditional local alcohol and turned it into a premium product. Indeed, cider has become trendy all over the world and is served at the table of Gastronomic and Michelin restaurants. 

Let us take you to a premium bio label cider distillery. After a private visit in the orchard, discover the distillery and distillation process. Follow the visit by a suprizing tasting: from the fresh apple juice to sweet and dry ciders.
private visit guérande salt marsh france

Guerande salt, the white caviar of the sea

With its solid ramparts, Guérande could be compared to a "Carcassonne of the west". But behind its stone belt, the slate roofs of the old houses remind us that this City of art and history is indeed Celtic.

Its opulence comes from the salt marshes, magical and sparkling places to discover in the morning or at sunset when the basins display incredible shades of silver, blue, green and pink.

Discover the salt marshes as well as the harvesting techniques of Guérande salt flower, the white gold of the saltworks, through a private guided tour.

Private visit of french marketplace

Nantes Daily marketplace visit and Chef special

Every day since 1937, Talensac marketplace gathers more than 160 local producers in Nantes city center.

This daily market represents more than 50 different know-how: cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, and much more.

With our guide or Chef, get the opportunity to discover this beautiful place and shop seasonal products.

Our Chef will wait for your groceries to prepare a fresh meal, only for you!

private guided tour benedictine palace

The Fascinating Story of Bénédictine Spirit

Have you heard about the incredible story of the Norman spirit Bénédictine ?

This sweet spirit made of 27 herbs and spices was created in 1510 by a Benedictine monk from Fecamp Abbaye, near Etretat, where a Holy Blood relic is preciously kept.

Its secret recipe disappeared for 3 centuries, before being found and improved by Alexandre Le Grand, a wine merchant, at the 19th century. To celebrate his creation, he erected the Bénédictine Palace, an architectural masterpiece of gothic and Renaissance inspirations. This palace, the only Benedictine factory in the world, was a powerful commercial and marketing tool. 

Discover the fascinating story of Bénédictine during a private guided visit of the Abbaye and Palace, followed by an initiation and tasting of 3 expressions of this unique elixir. 

premium french cheese tasting

French Cheese, Premium Tasting

France is the country of cheese, there are more than 1000 varieties to discover. French people averagely consume 24.4kg of cheese every year, they form the largest cheese gobbling nation on the planet !

Are you a cheese lover? We would be pleased to organize a private cheese tasting with an International Award-Winning Cheesemaker just for you. This tasting would be personalized, to perfectly match your tastes.

We could also organize a private dinner which menu would be focusing on cheese and paired to premium wines. The exclusive cooperation between the gastronomic Chef, the international award-winning cheesemaker and the wine cellar master would guarantee a truly unique and memorable moment to experience in Paris, Normandy, Brittany or the Loire Valley.

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