The best way to enjoy the family is to spend a week-end or a stay together, out of our daily life.

France Western regions offer multiple themes and beautiful surroundings to enjoy with the family:

  • unspoilt nature, in the countryside or by the sea, to recharge batteries in wild nature
  • historical and cultural visits, to learn together
  • local specialties, to appreciate the exceptional know-hows of the French regions while feasting
  • exclusive experiences, to share unique moments

Having the desire to offer such opportunities to our guests, BREIZ BRIDGES has selected a few authentic and exclusive experiences to enjoy with the family.
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Authentic AS A FAMILY Experiences with BREIZ BRIDGES

Our deep knowledge of the destination associated to our network of exceptional Ambassadors guarantee
authentic moments and experiences to discover the treasures of our Regions

Private cruise in turquoise waters

Private cruise in turquoise waters

Let yourself be guided through along Brittany Emerald Coast on a private boat driven by its professional Captain and owner. 

Discover Saint-Malo fortifications and Dinard impressive British style villas from the sea.

During a short break in Cézembre uninhabited island, enjoy the silence and wild landscapes. Get the chance to watch dolphins playing around. Did you know that the largest European colony lives in Mont Saint-Michel bay?

The gourmet ones will be delighted to attend a very special private cruise during which they will enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast and local gastronomy, with a Chef on-board.
Tasting French cheese camembert Normandy

The one and only Camembert

Camembert may be the most famous French cheese worldwide, it is from Normandy.

Through a private visit of a Camembert farm with the producer, discover the last cheese factory producing camembert with the AOP label (Protected Designation of Origine). This label ensures that the product follows the authentic, original production process.

A unique chance to visit the cow breeding next door and observe the traditional camembert ladle casting method.

This private visit will, of course, end up by Camembert tasting paired with fresh local cider or apple-juice.
seaside holidays brittany france

Pink Granite Coast, private guided discovery

Take a breath of fresh air and get closer to the beauty of the Pink Granite Coast, on Brittany North coast. This wild and unique environment is the perfect place to walk.

Our passionate guide who will bring you to the most beautiful spots of the Coast during a private walk. You will discover these typical and amazing huge granit blocks. Over millions of years, they have been shaped by the power of the wind and the sea. As surprising as it is, the result is curved and poetic, unique.

For a few hours or a day, we would be pleased to arrange this experience for you.
seaside holidays in brittany france

Disconnect in Brehat Flowery Island

Brehat is a very special island located on the Northern Brittany coast.

Though it is only 3.5km long and 1.5km length, it benefits from a unique microclimat which makes it possible to grow all kinds of flowers from over the world. A magnificent natural spectacle to admire from Spring.

Another specificity: there is no car on the island.

Brehat is the perfect place to go back in time, walk in peace and admire the charming little houses with their flowery gardens.
walk in beautiful forest in France

Discover Brittany Celtic Forest

At the heart of Celtic legends lies Huelgoat Forest, the "Fontainebleau of Brittany", which is mainly famous for the beauty and strangeness of its rocks.

Indeed, the overlays of huge rounded rocks placed in a chaotic way in the middle of nowhere have inspired many enchanted stories.

In Huelgoat also lies the "Silver river" where the forest fairies are supposed to live, another legend that you will learn from our passionate guide during a storytelling walk

With family or friends, there is no age for such an enchanting experience in a beautiful place which pines recalls middle mountain landscapes.
mont d'arrée hills brittany france

Highlands Mood, Armorik Natural Regional Park

At the heart of the Armorik Natural Regional Park, discover the Monts d'Arrée hills.

An impressive landscape, almost unreal, which is composed of barren, wild, warm-color plants and rocky peaks. The vegetation and very special lights of the place strongly and strangely recalls of the Scottish Highlands.

The 17th century St-Michel Chapel, located on top of an extraordinary rounded 380 meters high hill, offers an incredible 360-degree view. Out East lies the scary marsh of Yeun-Elez that is supposed to be, according to Brittany legends, the entrance to Hell.

An enigmatic and beautiful place to discover through a walk with our passionate guide.
discover king arthur legend in brittany forest france

On the path of King Arthur in Broceliande

The beautiful forest of Brocéliande is where the Legend of King Arthur is supposed to be originated from, between moorlands and lakes.

Invoking this place recalls the wonderful land of fairies, Merlin the Wizard and Lancelot the Knight.

It is a magical site to discover through beautiful story-telling walks with our passionate guide.
loire valley castle

A disruptive & artistic Castle

Built in the 15th century by Pierre de Beauvau, Grand Chamberlain of Charles VII, the Rivau was visited by Joan of Arc and Rabelais.

This private medieval castle is animated by more than 380 objects of contemporary art, a daring and successful association.

This unusual castle also offers 14 gardens, classified "Remarkable Garden". True jewels of the Loire Valley, you will enjoy strolling there and you getting enamored with floral collections perfumes: bulbs, iris, roses, peonies, dahlias, vegetable garden ... whatever the season!

Let us take you there and fully enjoy the place thought exclusive experiences.
best tour to loire vallee

Extraordinary Trologlodyte sites

Given the crumbliness of the tuffeau, local limestone, the population quickly took possession of the cliffs of the Loire Valley.

Peppered with windows and doors, the cliffs reveal an amazing underground world where farmers, fishers and winemakers have lived for centuries.

Staying in Loire Valley is a chance to visit a magnificent troglodyte village or a living mushroom cellar.
best tour in Brittany France

Vannes harbour, private historical & gourmet visit

Vannes city has multiple faces: yachting harbor, fortified place, medieval city…

Enjoy the sweet life walking on tree-lined quays and in cute streets with their half-timbered houses. Accompanied by our passionate guide, climb on the medieval fortifications, discover Saint-Pierre gothic Cathedral and the multicolor houses of the harbor.
claude monet brittany france

Belle ile, the most beautiful island

In southern Morbihan, fall in love with Belle-Ile, literally meaning Beautiful-Island.

From white sand beaches to spectacular cliffs, from colorful harbors to green countryside, this island offers a wide range of magnificent landscapes to enjoy.

The most beautiful sites of the island have been immortalized by the painter Claude MONET during the 19th century.

We would be pleased to organise a day trip to Belle Ile or a few days journey for you to relax with family, friends or as a couple. Indeed, staying in Belle-Ile is a chance to try one of the prestigious Brittany Marine Spa and gastronomic restaurant facing the sea.
carnac unesco site in brittany france

Carnac, The Enigma of a Lost Civilization

In Southern Brittany, discover the capital of the European prehistory and the stunning accomplishments of a thrilling and unknown civilization, built more than 4500 years ago.

Carnac, Locmariaquer, Gavrini are some of the most famous places to learn about this passionating part of our Past.

Our passionate guid will walk you through granit rock rows with mystic meaning, the highest menhir (sculpted granit block) in the world.

On a virgin island, enter a dolmen (prehistoric graves) and admire the esoteric signs of remote rituals.
Nantes sightseeing artistic tour

Contemporary Art in the City

In summer time, a green line drawn on the ground leads to the heart of the city and guides the travelers through the "Voyage à Nantes" road.

From a work signed by a great contemporary artist to a remarkable element of heritage, from the "must" of the destination to unknown treasures, from a historic alley to contemporary architecture... Le Voyage à Nantes is a true artistic experience.

Our passionate guide will guide you through a private walk the city to experience the major artistic places.
Artistic private visit Nantes

Nantes Extraordinary Machines

6th largest French city, Nantes is a dynamic and boiling artistic city. 

Novelist among the most imaginative and popular, Jules Verne is one of universally known French writers. Born in Nantes, this vibrant city has been the source of inspiration of the "Voyages extraordinaires" story.

At the crossroads of the writer "invented worlds", Da Vinci's mechanical universe and Nantes industrial history, discover an original artistic project with a Walking Elefant and a Marin Carrousel: Les Machines de l'Ile.

A must for families!
arstic cruise Nantes France

Estuaire, artistic cruise on Loire

Discover an exclusive open-sky collection of 30 artworks created by internationally renowned artists dispatched the 120km Loire estuary.

A unique artistic journey that will take you on the discovery of unusual sites where rich wildlife reserves rub shoulders with gigantic industrial buildings and maritime heritage.
Private stud farm visit Normandy

Private Stud Farm Experience

Normandy is internationally famous thanks to the Deauville American Movie Festival, but also for its equine breeding whether it is for race, sport or leisure purpose. Indeed, Normandy holds numerous studs, 2 of which being international.

Discover Normandy equine heritage guided by a professional from the horse racing world.

At the heart of the Normandy countryside, we open the doors to a Norman stud farm with authentic breeding
. You will be one of the rare people to have access to these private and very confidential places.

A privileged moment to discover the functioning of a stud farm for racing horses, with, as appropriate, the presentation of stallions or future champions of horse racing.
mont saint michel salt marsh sheep

Mont-Saint Michel Salt Marsh Sheep Discovery

Mont Saint-Michel bay is the grazing area of the salt marsh sheeps.

They are famous all around the world for their premium meat which comes from the very special vegetation that grows in the salt marsh, where the sheeps graze.  This unique flora, associated to the special care that the sheeps benefit from, result in a very tasty and tender meat.

Mont St-Michel salt marsh sheep wool is also exported internationally.

Through a private visit with the sheep ownerwalk through Mont Saint-Michel bay and discover the specificities of this iconic animal.

loire valley vineyard and village guided tour

An Italian Touch at the Heart of Vineyards

At the heart of Loire vineyards, right between the Loire Valley Castles and the Atlantic Coast, lies the charming village of Clisson. A surprising and colorful Italian touch.

It is after the French revolution that Napoleon's sculptor, Mr. LEMOT, has settled down near Clisson. His deep attachment to Central Italy style led to path to the reconstruction style: shimmering colours, bricks and tiles started to widespread in the region. Simultaneously, with the success of the wine industry families, neo-classic style Italian villas completed this unique framework.

The charm of the place perfectly suits the "Southern" atmosphere of the Loire River sides. Why not stopping over to discover this charming place after a private vineyard visit?

private walk to Mont St-Michel

Mont St-Michel Bay Discovery

Mont St-Michel is a piece of art, which is why the way to reach this jewel is as important as visiting it. 

There are different ways of enjoying the view over this unique site while discovery the beauty of its bay flora and fauna, shared by Brittany and Normandy.

Why not taking a cruise in Mont Saint-Michel Bay traditional sailing boat? With not less than 8 sails, it is the most beautiful and powerful French boat, especially designed to sail in dangerous seas. 

We could also take you through a private guided walk through the Bay to the Mont, surrounded by the Nature and Silence. 
private loire river cruise

Cruise along the Loire River

Discover Loire river castles and charming villages at the peaceful rythme of a traditional sailing boat.

For a few hours, our friendly Captain will tell you everything about the local fauna, flora and history. With Loire river villages as a background, taste the best of local gastronomy and wines. Take a walk on a river island or a nap on the boat deck to enjoy the sunlight. Relax, and enjoy the cruise...

Willing to spend a night or two on the Loire river ?
That's also possible ! Contact us to learn more about the comfortable boats that we can propose for a couple, a family or with friends.
private visit guérande salt marsh france

Guerande salt, the white caviar of the sea

With its solid ramparts, Guérande could be compared to a "Carcassonne of the west". But behind its stone belt, the slate roofs of the old houses remind us that this City of art and history is indeed Celtic.

Its opulence comes from the salt marshes, magical and sparkling places to discover in the morning or at sunset when the basins display incredible shades of silver, blue, green and pink.

Discover the salt marshes as well as the harvesting techniques of Guérande salt flower, the white gold of the saltworks, through a private guided tour.

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