France is a country of Art that holds many centenary traditional know-how. Having the desire to offer authentic and exclusive experiences to our guests, BREIZ BRIDGES has created a network of talented and passionate Ambassadors.

These privilege partnerships open the doors to:

  • Private artistic tours and museum visits
  • Artist workshop visit, to discover Artists' universe, exchange about their creations and be initiated to their Art
  • Confidential places, that are closely related to local history and Artistic culture
  • and much more...
These experiences constitute an authentic moment of exchange and immersion in the universe of exceptional Artists and Maisons.
Below are introduced some of our Art & French Know-how, feel free to contact us for any specific demand.
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Authentic ART & FRENCH KNOW-HOW Experiences with BREIZ BRIDGES

Our deep knowledge of the destination associated to our network of exceptional Ambassadors guarantee
authentic moments and experiences to discover the treasures of our Regions

Monet garden in Giverny

Claude Monet House & Garden in Giverny

An immersive way of understanding Monet’s inspiration.

Our expert guide will walk the traveler through the blooming garden that has been designed by Monet himself, applying his painting skills to gardening.

Crossing the famous Japanese bridge, stroll around the waterlily pond to observe the ever changing reflections on the water surface.

In the house, where Monet lived from 1883 until his death in 1926, discover the studio-sitting-room, Monet's and Alice's bedrooms, the yellow dining-room with its surprising collection of Japanese woodblocks and the kitchen decorated with blue tiles.
Granville Seaside resort

Granville, on the path of Christian DIOR

Standing on a rock and surrounded by the sea, Granville is also called the "Monaco of the North".

Christian Dior's childhood villa stands on the cliff on Granville, facing the Channel sea. The villa was built in the late 19th century and was bought by the parents of the couturier in 1905.

Though a private visit of Christian DIOR villa, our expert guide will introduce the story of this special place and how it has inspired M. Christian DIOR who was deeply connected to it: "I have most tender and amazed memories... of my childhood home. I would even say that my life and my style owe almost everything to its site and architecture.”

Please contact us for exclusive day trip and/or experiences related to Christian DIOR, in and out of Paris.
gauguin in pont aven brittany france

Following the path of Paul GAUGUIN in Brittany

Authentic and wild, the western part of Brittany offers wide natural areas. With a unique and strong culture, surrounded by the sea and enjoying a special light, Brittany has turned into a paradise for artists, sweets and beauty lovers.

Our guide will take you on a tailor-made itinerary, following the path of Paul GAUGUIN. Walk through the alleys of the charming village of Pont Aven, where he created his painting school. Admire its water mills and footbridges stretching across the river. Discover the places that have inspired the Painter at the end of the 19th century, and visit some of the 60 art exhibitions and galeries. Indulge yourself by tasting local sweet pastries, now exported all over the world, in the famous Pont-Aven biscuit factory.

Your guide will also take you to Le Pouldu, beautiful seaside town where GAUGUIN stayed for a while. During a walk, discover the cultural and lighting specificities that have inspired the Painter.
Luxury fashion experience and tour in Paris

Behind the Scene with Luxury Brands in Paris

Unique experiences with the most prestigious Haute Couture, Leather and Jewellery brands

An exclusive way of entering confidential places that are closely related to brands' know how or history

We would be pleased to organize half a day, a full day or even a few days journey through French luxury.

Please contact us for more information.
Private museum visit Paris

Paris Art Galleries and Museums, Private visit

Paris is a city of Art, with numerous Museums, art exhibitions and art galleries.

Benefit from private guided discovery of Paris museums, out of public hours.

Our expert would be pleased to walk you through independent art galleries and major artistic places of the capital.

Please contact us to talk about your artistic tastes and design the perfect experience ~
Private artistic tour Paris

Tailor-made Artistic Private Tour in Paris

Contemporary, Classic, Antiques, each individual has its own artistic preferences.

Antique shop and galleries
in the charming and famous Saint-Germain district? Modern and contemporary art galleries in the Marais and Belleville trendy districts? Or perhaps a walk through Paris based on your historical era of choice (Art Nouveau, Haussmannian, Art Deco)? Our network of professional Artistic guides will guide you whatever your tastes. 
We would be pleased to hear about your own preferences and design your tailor-made, private Artistic guided tour in Paris.
Private Normandy Tours

Honfleur, at the origins of Impressionism

The charming harbour and city of Honfleur has been the privileged destination of numerous painters throughout the 19th century.

These painters are considered as the pioneers of the Impressionist artistic current and have formed the "School of Honfleur" which most famous figure remains Mr Eugène BOUDIN, born in Honfleur. He is the one who initiated Claude MONET to outdoor painting

At the bend of a paved alley, discover the old walled city of the Enclos, the Greniers à Sel, the Lieutenancy, the magnificent wooden church of Saint Catherine and of course the famous Vieux Bassin.

Through a private guided walk, live a journey back in time from Viking invasions to Impressionist painters, from the Hundred Years War and the Great Maritime Epics.

Artist workshop visit Paris

French Know-How, Workshop Private Visit in Paris

A unique chance to meet talented Artists working for the most famous French luxury brands and international palaces: prestigious embroidery workshop, leather-bag designer, glass blowers, are some of the Artists who are opening their doors.

This moment will allow you to discover the workshop and/or artist universe and creations, exchange about their creative process and be initiated to their Art.

Please contact us for more information.

Private visit Saint Ouen Paris

Guided discovery of Saint Ouen incredible market

Exclusive shopping at the world’s largest flea market: Puces de Saint-Ouen, with our guide.

2000 stores over 70,000 square feet of unique pieces of furniture, clothing and decoration. A unique experience for the treasure-hunt lovers.

Let our expert know about your tastes, vintage or modern, and save time by going straight to the right stores.
art museum paris

Thematic private guided tour, Impressionism

We would be pleased to organize a tailor-made, private thematic itinerary, following the of the impressionists painters. From 3 days up to a week or more, discover a selection of places and museums that are deeply related to this Artistic current in Paris, Normandy and Brittany.

Selected museums and addresses in Paris, inescapable stopovers in Normandy: Claude MONET house & gardens in Giverny, HonfleurLe Havre where the Impressionist current was officially born in 1872 after MONET painting named "Impression, rising sun". The MUMA Museum, Etretat.

In Brittany, discover the culture and landscapes that have inspired Paul GAUGUIN and Claude MONET
: Le Pouldu, Pont-Aven where GAUGUIN created his painting school, Belle-île Island...

The artistic expertise of your personal guide will give you an original approach to this current as well as a deep understanding of its origins.

private guided visit le havre

Le Havre, Post WW2 Modern Reconstruction

In Le Havre, live a fascinating immersion at the heart of WW2 reconstructive work done by the architect PERRET and his team.

A private visit of his shoowroom apartment, filled with vintage furnitures from the 50s, is the best way to understand the leap forward modernity that took place during the Thirty Glorious. The repellent appearance of these new rectilinear buildings was wiped off by the comfort that they were offering.
Reaching Saint-Joseph Church, the imposing 50,000 tons of concrete gives way to a magnificent interior: 13,000 stained-glass windows by Marguerite HURÉ diffuse a soft light on resolutely contemporary furniture.  Also worth seeing is Oscar NIEMEYER’S incredible volcano.

A unique architectural heritage to discover during a private visit with our expert guide.

private workshop visit in France

Silk Paper Master

Maryse DUGOIS is welcoming you in her workshop located in Brittany. She is a Silk-Paper Master who gets her inspiration from Nature, turning her emotions into poetic creations. Maryse has been creating silk structures for international brands such as Issey Miyake and Guerlain.

You could discover her delicate Art through an authentic exchange. During a privilege moment with Maryse, at her house, discover her Universe during the visit of her showroom. Be initiated to her delicate Art.
private visit premium cabinet making workshop in France

Premium cabinet making workshop

Discover the only house in France where the 8 arrays of cabinet-making skills are performed in a singe place, by highly trained craftsmen.

Marquetry, sculpture, cabinet-making, chair-making, upholstery, gilding, French polishing and Chinese laquer are all performed to the highest standards. From Louis XIV to contemporary style.

We would be pleased to organize a private visit of the workshop for you to discover its unique technics and know-how.

private visit glass blowing factory france

The Brittany “Baccarat”

Located on a tiny beautiful island, this internationally famous glass blower workshop creates unique pieces for Palaces and individuals, all over the world. Its creations can be seen at Le Ritz and Le Meurice, in Paris, but also in Dubaï and Tokyo.

During a private guided visit, discover these meticulous know-how and some masterpieces. Get the chance to try glass blowing.

marquetry workshop in france

Exceptional Marquetry

Marquetry was used to adorn wood objects since the start of Egyptian Antiquity. In the 16th century, the Italians rediscovered marquetry and embellished their furniture thanks to this delicate work on wood. The marquetry reached its apex in the 17th and 18th century, in particular with the Louis XIV and Louis XV styles. The Loire Valley castles abound with magnificent marquetry works.

We invite you to take part in the private visit of a confidential workshop where the artist and his team produces tailor-made, exceptional pieces of Art for international clients. During this privilege and friendly exchange, you will discover ancestral marquetry technics but also breakthrough new applications.

Note: For confidentiality reasons, we cannot show pictures of this workshop work. Please contact us to learn more about this experience and discover some unique creations.

private cabinet making workshop visit in france

Art cabinetmaking, The luxury of simplicity

For collectors and lovers of contemporary Art, we open the doors of another confidential workshop where several masterpieces of cabinet-making are born in silence.

During a private visit of the workshop and the showroom in the company of the talented Artist, discover his process of creation and magnificent achievements. During a conversation on wood species, Contemporary Art or Jazz, you will understand the complexity of his work, which nevertheless seems so simple and obvious.

Note: For privacy reasons, we are unable to show photos from this workshop. Contact us to find out more about this experience and discover unique creations.

modern architecture private tour in france

Post WW2 reconstruction, private guided tour

The end of the Second World War led to the reconstruction process of many French cities, especially in Normandy and Brittany. Depending on their assignments and choices, the architects in charge of this huge construction work had two options: rebuilt identically or create something new. In both cases, the reconstruction work induced a leap towards modernity by taking into account comfort and hygienist precepts.

We invite you to explore the fascination theme of the WW2 reconstruction, closely related to Modern architecture, during a private guided tour. Starting in Normandy, you will head to Brittany and explore Saint-Malo. Destroyed at 80%, its reconstruction work started the day after its liberation in August 1944. You will also discover Brest, at the foremost extremity of the European continent.

Contact us to create your tailor-made, private tour.

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