Who are we?

BREIZ BRIDGES is a French online receptive travel agency specialized in high-end travel services.
Our vocation is to reveal French regions landscapes and icons through unique services and exceptional encounters, full of authenticity and charm.
Our distinctive know-how relies on the ability to disclose the must-see places under new perspectives, with the precious support of our partners and local ambassadors.
Our local network and fine knowledge of the regions are key to deliver exclusive experiences to our dear customers.

To whom are BREIZ BRIDGES services for?

We design exclusive travels for individuals and professionals (travel agencies, companies), based in France and overseas. Feel free to contact us for any specific inquiries ~

What does "BREIZ BRIDGES" mean?

To understand the origins of the agency name, it is important to know that Brittany is a wild region located on Northwest part of France. Surrounded by the sea, it is especially famous for its beautiful natural landscapes and premium seafood. Brittany is the birthplace of BREIZ BRIDGES founder. Another important thing to know is that "BREIZ" means "BRITTANY" in Brittany local dialect. Put together, the name "BREIZ BRIDGES" express the initial ambition of the agency. to act as a local catalyst and create bridges, connections.

Between Brittany high-end local actors first, to create a virtuous network. And then between Brittany and overseas travelers, by promoting Brittany destination to allow anyone to discover the beauty of protected seaside landscapes and premium local products. Over time, thanks to new encounters and requests, BREIZ BRIDGES expertise has extended to Paris, Normandy and Loire valley. The adventure goes on and we will keep on offering premium services and experiences in new French destinations.

What is unique when traveling with BREIZ BRIDGES?

The uniqueness of BREIZ BRIDGES travels lies in our network of local Ambassadors. It is thanks to them that you will have the chance to discover major sites under new perspectives, to have access to the secrets of premium products manufacturing and live unique experiences in magical places.

Traveling with us means looking for authenticity and exception.

Our tailor-made approach

We want your trip to reflect your desires.
To do so, you will firstly share your requirements with us through one of these two options:

Last but not least, pack and enjoy...

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